Arnold Pump and Run 2005

Place    Name                            Bench Weight    Reps        5K Time  Total Time

166     ERIC FALKENSTEIN          235                    20             23:29      13:29

191     JIM FALKENSTEIN             175                    16             22:16     14:16


So, I kicked Jim's butt (total time=5k time - number of reps*30 seconds).  I weighed 235 (barely), and did that 20 times, while Jim did a measly 175 15 times (because he is over 40 he gets to do 90% of his weight). We won't discuss the 5k other than to say it was not enough to salvage Jim's wimpy bench.   But of course the real reason to go to the show is the Expo, where all sorts of freaks are trying to sell supplements, signed pictures, videos, clothes, and muscle babes were eager to give samples.

First, you must always think HUGE

Our phermones were pretty effective, as evidenced below:

Oops!  This supplement babe seems to not be wearing panties!  Jim woos her with a pose.

comparing bellies with muscle chick:

This company had the neat idea to give you a free t-shirt if you agreed to put it on right there. We complied, and babes with pierced belly buttons were impressed.

That's me with Michael Schtik, the world record bench press holder at 165 lbs (I saw him do 600 lbs, which is almost as impressive as the guy we saw who did 800 and then arose with blood streaming from his EYEBALLS).  Jim buys shirt for Freya from tough broad.

these chicks below just liked us:

We go home to our girly jobs, but not before doing one more front crab.